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Lake Washington School District Alerts & Notices

In the event Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is one or two hours late, AM classes will be cancelled. If emergency conditions no longer exist ORCS will determine the cancellation of PM classes.

If Lake Washington School District is closed, ORCS is also closed.

Please watch or listen to TV, radio or go on-line for school closure information. Online Information at (LK WA SD)

You must manually refresh or reload this web page to get updated alert information.  Information on this page will not update unless you reload or refresh the web page. Do not rely solely on the news alerts below.

The list below will be blank if there are not any posted LWSD RSS alerts or notices.

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Alerts and notices provided courtesy of LWSD RSS system.  If this system is not working use the other options listed above to confirm the information.

Pacific Northwest News/Traffic Alerts

Alerts and notices provided courtesy of Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) RSS system.